Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let It Snow and Rain

Go sledding!
A few days ago, I’ve heard that Fargo had its first snow. It was too early, everybody says. It was a fluke? Probably. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about.

If you ask me what is it worth if you let me see snow? I’d probably say that I’d buy you food for a whole year. I am kind of half serious and half joking, though.

Part of me is serious. Last year, when I was looking at this stuff at first, I could not help but admired it. It was so white that I could do nothing but staring at it like a child gets his birthday present. I hold it. I smiled at it. I balled it up. I fell on it. I was knee-deep in it. I even tested it to make sure that what was right in front of me was what people call snow.

The dream of us
Snow is like dream for everybody in Indonesia. We watch movies, shows, and news that show us snow a lot. But it is our TV screens that do it. We can’t feel it first hand. We just let our mouth half-open and keep wondering how it feels. We always dream to someday hold it. Firsthand.