Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Am I Doing Here? (Part 1)

Manhattan Broadway! 
If somebody asks me, what are your goals studying here in the US? I just have a couple answers for this past Fall and Spring semester. First, I really want to learn the language more, which is English. Second, I want to know how people live outside my country.

It’s about English
The first reason might be seen as a simple thing. If you guys think so, it is just fine. But, I think it’s a lot more than that.

Well, people know what others want through a language. See what people are doing when they work at, say, fast food restaurants. They carry out what the customers say to order. There is such a mutual understanding between both so they would feel satisfied each other.

Further than that, see what our teachers are doing in our class. See, they are talking and talking. It is the way people send their knowledge to others. They educate us through their languages and that’s why students can become more and more knowledgeable.

When our teachers are talking about something, you think it is usually fun, right? Not! It is boring very often. Well, but suck it up bud! All right, this part is joke. Don’t really mind about it.
Other than that, in this world, through languages many books are written. We can see a lot of part of this world, from the greatest to the tiniest, or from the funkiest to the yuckiest, through those books. For those who like reading stories, many kinds of novels are also available out there.

Just imagine if we can’t read, or we don’t understand the language spoken by our teachers or used by those books, what are we going to do? Illiteracy will just make us so dumb; we know nothing and do nothing. So dumb!

But, why English? Recently, I would say that many good things are spoken in English and written in English. It’s a fact that many good movies are spoken in English. Of course, it’s going to be so much fun if we can understand the story directly (Even though there are many kinds of subtitles, it’s still cool if we can understand it right away). We know what the actors and actresses talk about and what happens here and what’s going to happen there. Is that cool, isn’t it?

Jumping onto another fact, there is a lot of knowledge, information, and science that is written in English. We won’t understand those at all till we understand English. This is why people need to understand the English language.

Just imagine, once we got it, we can know pretty much everything in this world. As students, we might know quite a bit about many good sources for our papers that are written in English. So, it’s going to be so fantastic if we can understand English really well, correct?

Honestly, to me, language is kind of a bridge for people getting connected with each other around the world. Through it, people communicate with each other. They share, they talk, they ask through it. But then understanding English will make it easier. This language connects many people. It really works at bridging people around the world.

Why not Indonesian language? I hope it could happen, but I just want to be a realistic man. This is English time, bud! I don’t care if American people or British feel super glad because of it. Do they? I don’t know.

Because, the fact is that it’s super fun and cool for non-native people that can understand English while we still can speak our native language. Yay! (To be continued)


  1. Hmmm sipppp...
    eh sid "suck it up bud!" lek di Indokan podo kambek opo???

  2. M Ircham Rozaqi," suck it up bud!" iku artine yo wis dilakoni ae, ora usah ngeluh... iku slang, kam...

  3. well, since English is an international language, it's worth to master :)

  4. setuju.. language is a tool to connect people better and understanding each other better.
    From a language we also somehow can learn about the culture of the people, which if we can know and learn about it more, we can understand their culture or pattern of thinking more. And if we can do it, they will feel closer to us than before.

    Semangat ya di sana !!

  5. kunjungan sob ..
    bagi" kalimat motivasi ya sob ..
    sikap kita terhadap kehidupan ini menentukan sikap kehidupan ini terhadap kita.
    kunjungan balik yaa ..:)