Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Am I Doing Here? (Part 2)

crazy Bison fan!
How they live their lives
Then the second purpose I am studying in the US is I want to know how people live their lives. No matter what, the US is not Indonesia, China, or India. Not even Europe. The US is the US. Since it has been a few months since I’ve been studying in this country, I’ve seen a lot of differences. It’s a lot different from what we have in Indonesia.

In general, people are so nice here. Their way of lives could be defined as individualism or specific culture. It doesn’t mean that they do not care about others. They like helping others, though.

What I’ve seen here, individualism means that their appreciation to individual work is really high. Generally they don’t want to intervene others’ lives or choices no matter what. As long as it is not bothering them, it’s fine. Here, I very seldom hear about people say something bad to somebody else’s ways to do something.

“Just do what you want. Don’t bother me, or you can otherwise get in trouble.”
Anyway, Americans are crazy of sports especially football, basketball, and baseball. They very often bring their whole families to watch sport games. I frequently notice young wives bringing their 5-year-ish daughters or sons to the game. I even see very old people screaming in support of their team.

“Go Bison!” (FYI, Bison is the name for all NDSU sport teams) Oh man! What the hell is going on here? But yeah, that is America.

Here, people go somewhere just for fun very often. They just spend a lot of money for fishing, traveling, or even hunting.

While they are doing such things, it’s easy to find a grandpa hanging out with his grandchildren. They talk to each other like friends. They even could argue with each other. But who wants to argue with each other while having fun? Well, in my country, it will never happen. All the things we can do to our grandpa or grandma is just keeping silent or saying “yes” and “yes”.

Well, it seems like that I love the US a lot. I like it, but it doesn’t mean that it will let my love to my country fade away. I’d say that not all Americans are good people. Some people are racist and arrogant; some are just bad people that don’t like anybody else. But it’s just something that also happens everywhere. Even in my country. It’s just everywhere.

Anyway, something that surprised me a few times ago is that here there are a lot of hobos or homeless people. When I asked about my roommate about that, he just answered, “Dude, there is nothing perfect in this world!”

“All right,” I said.

“So how is it going?”

“What do you mean?”

“Every thing.”

“It’s going good,” yeah, all things above, my goals, are going well. I’m still learning and learning, though.

“That’s cool!” he replied. I’m telling you guys that American people say that a lot: That’s cool!

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