Friday, November 23, 2012

Free-sex di Amerika

Young couples (
Akhir-akhir ini aku sering ditanya tentang sebenarnya apa benar free-sex itu dilakukan oleh remaja di Amerika. Aku sering ditanya hal ini ketika kami sedang menonton film Hollywood bersama-sama yang sebagian besar mempertunjukkan adegan ciuman, sex dan sebagainya.

Jawabanku adalah ya dan tidak. Sebagian besar masyarakat di US sebenarnya adalah masyarakat yang religious. Mereka punya banyak gereja dan di kampus banyak sekali kelompok-kelompok bible study. Aku juga yakin bahwa dalam Christianity tak ada aturan yang melegalkan free-sex.

Tapi pada kenyataannya, banyak pula yang tak religious. Amerika itu luas sekali, dan manusianya bermacam-macam. Banyak yang tak mengikuti agama manapun.

Nah, kembali ke soal free-sex, bagi kebanyakan orang US, sex adalah bagian dari hidup yang tak perlu dianggap tabu. Sex adalah bagian dari kebudayaan yang relax dan memang perlu. Oleh karena itu, sex dilakukan sebagai kebutuhan natural seseorang. Tak ada urusannya dengan sopan atau tak sopan, bermoral atau pun tidak.

Prinsip orang Amerika pada dasarnya adalah asal tak merugikan dan menggangu orang lain, segalanya sah-sah saja.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

People Have Dreams

I opened my Facebook one time. A notification popped up. My friend tagged me to a video: A short remarks from Nurcholish Madjid (1939 – 2005) about civil society. I opened it.

I found Madjid clearly said that civil society is a dream of Indonesia in the future. It struck me when he mentioned civil society is there when people obey the laws, so that the people are civilized! It struck me because when I reflected what he mentioned to what is going on around me, it even hurts!

Our media is full of news about endless corruption and stuff. The government, the ones who are meant to shine the people to get their bright future, just gets their people thrown away out of the windows. While they are proud of stuffing their mouths with full of fancy foods, people are starving to death.

People here are even lack of education. That means people are failing to see their bright futures. People fail to see what they are up against: poverty, hunger, unemployment, injustice, human right violation and so forth. These situations could even end up with some other painful situations: crimes and even murders. I bet life has driven people nuts. No times to think of the future.

But, Madjid’s idea about nur’any or our deepest heart finally tickles me when I am overwhelmed by all these problems. He came up with a small but very important thing: listening to and obeying what our nur’any says.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

These All Are for My Nation

Explaining some stuff about Indonesia at CEC at NDSU
“In the same time, we are not only this nation citizen, but also a global one. In order that, we have to be able to express our idea in a global expression!” (Anies Baswedan)

Growing up in a little town Blitar, where Soekarno’s grave is located, I've learnt to dedicate my life to this nation. Bung Karno—Soekarno’s nickname—had stated that we must be an independent nation (bangsa yang berdikari). Also, my father, who is a local entrepreneur, always said that ever since I was a child, I have to have a strong willingness to be independent. Depending on others may be permitted at first, but at last, independency is the only way to stand firmly on my own feet. And, my mother said that do not ever forget to pray, because God never sleeps!

When I entered university, then I understood that I am now connected with global community. I am a citizen of the world. I also learn about how to strengthen my self in this world through three pillars: leadership, entrepreneurship, and ethics. Through these values, everybody can be more competitive to face many challenges of life.