Thursday, January 26, 2012

I was Rocketing!

I conquered the frozen lake!
In the past Winter break, I got about two weeks off. My friend told me that she wanted to do something for the break even though the Fall Semester did not conclude. I was kind of curious about what she was going to plan for it. Then she ended up with an idea: Go to New York!

I didn’t know if I wanted to go for it or not. It’s far away from Fargo, and it would cost me too much. Then I thought that this could be the only one chance I got in my life to see the popular city. Whether I would like it or not, I should see it. I finally bought the ticket then arranged where I would stay. On December 27th, in the second week, I decided I would be flying there.

But why did I decide to fly in a week after the holiday got started? Christmas! That’s the only reason for it. I wanted to know how people here in Fargo celebrate their Christmas.

I did not want to miss this chance since I’m here in the US. Well, I don’t want to talk more about religious stuff here, but I see that every religious celebration among different people has a cultural side that welcomes diverse people to join in the fun the celebrations.

Finally, I went to Dennis’ house in Hawley, Minnesota. His family is the family I joined during Thanksgiving Day. They invited me to their Christmas party. I was so excited. I went there with Susilo’s family, an Indonesian family in Fargo I’ve been getting along with. They gave me a ride.
When I got there, I ran over the frozen lake. I saw some people doing ice fishing! Whoa! They dug a hole and started setting their fishing rod, it’s called “tip-up”. I got some pictures with the fish they got. It was really cold, though! I didn’t even know what the purpose for doing such a thing?

With Dennis
Then I asked Susilo and he replied, “American people like doing something useless, but you know what? It’s all for fun. They are relaxing. They spend a lot of money and time to go for it. But they’re fun. That’s why people here have a long life expectancy.” I just said, “Oh okay! Makes sense then.”

Suddenly, Dennis offered me a ride on his snowmobile. I said yes! I didn’t know why he came up with that idea, but I was just excited. I thanked him. I rode the snowmobile for a couple times. It was a lot of fun! That was my first time looking at and riding that thing. Even though it was cold, I didn’t care. I was rocketing across the frozen lake! Wow! Afterward, we had a lunch together. Absolutely, I will never forget that moment.

There were also Dennis’ daughters with their husbands and one of his grandchildren. There was a bunch of other stuff we did over there. Watching movie, watching football game, playing cards, and so forth. I also saw a Christmas tree standing nicely in the house. I took a picture with Dennis by that tree before I left.


  1. Wahh,, sepertinya seru nih bro :-)

    Btw, alhamdulillah yaa bisa merasakan dan dapat pengalaman itu,,

    take care Cid,,,

  2. Aku iriiiii, mau juga maen salju dan es tuh... laporan X-mas di US-nya ada dimana y? (bongkar-bongkar)

  3. wah kok malih english? ndadak nranslate ki, hahahaha

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  5. @suhar:
    Oke-oke her... alhamdulillah...

    hehe, itu laporannya. sedikit sih

    @mas choki
    yo sithik-sithik lah