Monday, July 1, 2013

Diversity is a blessing

Diversity in Indonesia
One day a friend asked me why we are different. Why God made us live in diversity even though it can highly lead us into big, big problems such as conflicts, war and so on.

Well, I guess difference is a fate that we have to either stand against or embrace. We people are different from each other because simply we grow up in different places.

As time goes on, we learn different things that make us choose which one we should lean on. We have different people, friends and family who we perceive as role model. This is why people have always lived in diversity.

Human being’s diversity is like a two-edged sword. You don’t want to live with it unless you’re careful and resourceful. It has big potential to come up with conflicts and frustration. Without respects and understanding, it can be a huge problem hindering the progress of any kinds of positive development. In this point of view, people are different because they are meant to be full of conflict and dangerous.

However, on the other hand, if you see a carpet, the colorful one is the most sought to buy. Thus, diversity is like colors of life. Through understanding and accepting this difference, people will slow down and compromise their things and start to cooperate and collaborate.

People are diverse because they are personally sources of creativity, innovation and encouragement. Embracing diversity is way of feeling safe and believing that this life is a gorgeous mosaic.

Finally, I always believe that diversity is a blessing. Diversity can operate in any terms like gender, age, race, culture, personality and language. Yet, this can be source of various knowledge, skills, information, as well as friendship, peace, kindness, and joy.

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