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Go Bison: All I know about NDSU

Global Ugraders of Indonesia
Well, I was there only for one year. I got a scholarship from the US Department of State under a program called Global Undergraduate Exchange Program. So, have I known NDSU pretty well?

If you count whether or not the president of NDSU and I are friends to see if I knew NDSU well, you might as well just jump on another blog and swing by a gun shop, grab any gun and point it at me and shout: this guy is making up something!

But, never mind, that is just an exaggeration. I have a whole bunch of friends over there, though. So I might have known NDSU well. I might have.

Okay, first off, this is the biggest university in North Dakota. It’s in Fargo, which is not the capital but the biggest city over there. The place is really cool and clean. You’ll see a lot of green areas where you can hang out with friends. Fresh air and nice atmosphere will lure you to stay there.

As typical big universities in the US, NDSU was founded way back then. When was it? It’s none of my business. An excuse? Yeah, but I have another answer: Wake up and smell the Internet, Buddy! Just kidding. It’s founded in 1891 and back then it wasn’t NDSU yet but North Dakota Agricultural Collage.

Second off, it has cool people and cool buildings. It has about 15,000 kids studying over there including those undergraduates, graduates, and professionals. Well, the exact number is not important. It’s on the website. Go look if you want to.

I met a lot of friends over there. They are really great. Some are just acquaintances, some are just friends, some are good friends, and a few of them are my best friends. It was not that hard for me to make friends because basically the people are really good.

It struck me when I was just walking by campus and there was a guy just said hello to me. I said hello to him. I thought of what was going on. Is there anything wrong with so he has to say hello to me? I don’t even know him, I thought. But after a little while, another person passing by and said “Hi!”

Typical Midwest people, my friend told me. But it is still cool for me. Saying Hi to somebody you don’t even know. It’s weird for us Indonesians, though.

This situation finally ends me up befriending with other people from surrounding area. I met a cool radio anchor and now we’re really good friends. Also, I even made friend with the MAT BUS driver. It’s because nothing but the people of Fargo are nice.

My first Bison game!
The campus has a whole bunch of nice buildings: dorms, classes, dining centers, wellness center and the coolest one: Memorial Union. My dorm was Niskanen Hall which is really good place to live. And about Memorial Union, everybody loves it. In there, there is some free space where students can go study, hang out with friends, watch TV on a huge screen, play stuff around, and stuff.

To go around campus and the city, we can take the MAT BUS. Anyway, as students we don’t have to pay the bus fare. It’s free for students. Isn’t that great? You know, students like cheap and free stuff.

Third off, it has cool programs. I will not mention them one by one. But for sure they have a lot of program you can go for. I was majoring in Management, which is under Collage of Business. The HQ is called Barry Hall in downtown Fargo.

I met great professors when I was studying there. They taught us pretty well and the cool thing is you can “hang out” with them to ask what you still do not know about. It was really helpful for me since it was a little hard for me to understand them in classes. Just shoot them a message, and then they will let you know the time to meet. Or, you can just burst into their room if it is their office hour.

Forth off, it has the coolest football team nationwide called Bison! Ever since I went to my first Bison game I fell in love with this sport and the team. Bison plays really well and last year they won the NCAA National Championship.

The atmosphere when watching the game is great. It seems like you’re really part of this campus. When Bison wins, you feel you win, when they lose, you lose. You’re gonna feel like you’re really a Bison. Let’s go Bison!

At last, for those who want to see a whole bunch of snow, Fargo is the fourth coldest city in the US. Try it out!

I was super-glad I could see it. The first time I held it, I couldn’t help but think that it was gorgeous. I made it to see some frozen lakes. Thanks to my roommate Tyler, who picked me to his cabin to go ice fishing. I also made my first snow angel and lying snowman (Well, it was because it was really hard to ball the snow up).

And, the greatest thing, I could practice my art skill by making a snow lion! No kidding, I made it. It was freaking cold out but I pushed my self to make it. I was out in the snow for every 45 minutes. My toes were numb. I got in and out of my dorm like back and forth. But still, I made it.

I met some really good friends and a few best friends over there. Some of them are like my second family, my sisters, brothers and even moms and dads (Um, I actually doubt about the last two categories).

My Lion!
Wanna go back there? I do!!! Yes I do! I just do not know yet how. I love the campus so much. The buildings, the football, my friends, my teachers, and the people! But thanks to the 21st century’s Internet, I can always catch up with friends down there. Skype and Google voice work really great on it.

Well, if you wanna go to college, NDSU is good to be on the top lists. You’re gonna like it. Become a Bison is absolutely a right decision.

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